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Spoiler Alert! After almost 8 years in business, Midwest Comfort Homes is a five-star rated restoration contractor in Kansas City.  Setting ourselves apart from the hundreds of other restoration contractors in the area did not just start off as a “spoiler alert.”

My name is Travis Thonen and I am the owner of Midwest Comfort Homes. I personally went through an experience with my family many years ago when our family home in Raytown, Missouri almost burnt to the ground one winter.  I can remember the feeling of sorrow standing with the Red Cross team in the dead of winter as I watched my mother talk with firemen and in the same breath restoration contractor companies! At the time our entire family assumed this was normal.  Take it from me and many other families that have been taken advantage of by insurance vendors or so called “preferred contractors” that your insurance companies might suggest; you have a choice in who repairs your home or business.

In that traumatic moment of my childhood, something in me clicked and I decided that I would learn the construction trade and someday own a business that set itself aside form every other company by simply being honest and open with its customers.  After more than 10 long years of union trades (electrical, flooring, roofing and general contracting) I was finally ready to show Missouri and Kansas that contractors could be truly helpful and honest in their work, with this, Midwest Comfort Homes was created.  My passion was derived from a lack of personally responsible restoration companies. I wanted my own business to show that we have heart and care about our customers’ personal loss and not about the costs.

If you happen to experience a tragic loss due to fire, water, smoke or hail then you can step back and take a breath.  You have choices and you have time (even if you would like to be home again now).  There are almost no restoration companies in the metro that you will ever meet the owner in person.  You will always meet me on any big or small job simply because I care about your unique situation.  Would you rather hand your family’s home over to the “Wally-World’s” of the restoration world, or a company that has a proven track record of hands on, detailed oriented passion for your needs as a home owner?

Midwest Comfort Homes is an in-house restoration general contractor.  All my team has been vetted and are fully insured for your safety.  That might seem normal, but read other reviews on the larger competitors. They hire untrained workers who frequently cause damage or are not respectful of your property, they do not meet deadlines and sometimes the sub-contractors that work on your home do not get paid resulting in potential liens on your property. Laws mandate that restoration work pricing stays similar between companies. The true difference is in the quality of the team that is placed on your project.  What we do is let you know that the team behind your project cares about what you say and how you feel. The biggest differences are found with Midwest Comfort Homes.

Give us a call today and you will understand why you will no longer have to hope to find your solution through TV. The best choice is right in your back yard.

Midwest Comfort Homes “Like it never happened”


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