The longer you live in your house, the more upgrade you realize you need. This might be required because things break, your current home features are not the most convenient for your lifestyle, or you just don’t like the look of some things anymore. Midwest Comfort Homes sees this often with outlets and fixtures. Sometimes outlets go bad in a home or a ceiling fan has started to wobble uncontrollably in a room. Other times homeowners realize they really need another outlet on a blank stretch of wall. And many times it is just time for a light fixture upgrade to something more modern. No matter what you plan on doing to your home, we have some advice on proper fixture and outlet installation.


Plan for Convenience

If you are considering adding an outlet or a fixture, think about the most convenient spot for that item to be placed. When choosing the placement out outlet installation, be sure there will be plenty of room to plug things into the outlet without being impeded by furniture or without disrupting the traffic of a space, such as a hallway. For fixtures, you want the light to be in an optimal spot to illuminate as much as the room as possible without leaving any awkward shadowy places. Likewise, you want the switch to be in an easily accessible area that makes sense with the layout of the room and fixtures. You don’t want to add the switch for the kitchen lights in the living room as an example. Believe us, this happens more often than you think!

Consider Room Sizes

Before you fall in love with a certain fixture or go crazy adding six new outlet installation spots to a space, think about the size of the room and how it will be used. You don’t want an overwhelming fixture, like a chandelier, for a low-ceilinged bathroom or bedroom. It will take up too much of the visual space in the area and weigh the room down. The same goes with outlets. You may think adding a large number of outlets will be ultra-convenient, but these can look strange in a room and will require more electricity to make them function.

Think About Power

New outlets and fixtures is more than just adding them to the wall or ceiling. It takes some understanding of the power it will take to power these pieces. You may need to add an extra breaker for the fixture or outlet additions. The most important thing to remember when installing new outlets in an area that will see high power appliances, such as a kitchen, bathroom, or garage, is ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets. These outlets will shut off electric power when it knows the current is flowing somewhere it shouldn’t be, such as in water or through a person. This is an important safety feature in case of surges or accidental water contact.

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