From electrical wiring repair to installation of new electrical systems that require removal of preexisting systems, Midwest Comfort Homes Electric sees all kinds of electrical wiring systems every day. Some of them are simply outdated and require modern electrical practices, but many of our electrical projects have absolutely dangerous wiring installed. We are often called to homes that have had an electrical fire for overhaul and repair and can pinpoint the exact issue electrical wiring systems had that started the fire. To keep you safe, we have pulled together some of the most common bad electrical wiring systems that we see.

General Bad Electrical Wiring

bad electrical wiring systems

This doesn’t take much explaining! If your fuse box or electrical panel looks anything like this, it is time to call an electrician to get it sorted out. This many wires all over the place is a recipe for disaster.

Open Splice Causes Attic Fire

attic fire bad electrical collage

We came into this home after an electrical fire had occurred and knew immediately what happened. An open air splice in the electrical wiring systems caused a good sized fire in the attic of this home. You can see how the wiring caused this issue in the photos.

Wiring Issue in Ceiling

penn 5th collage

Wiring issues may not be where you can see them. We found this issue during an installation job, luckily we caught it in time!

Electrical Panel Issues

There can be issues in your electrical panel with the electrical wiring systems. Some are very noticeable while others are not. Here are some examples.

electrical wiring systems in electrical panel

See where my finger is pointing? This is a double tapped 20 amp breaker with #14 and #12 in the same 20 amp circuit. Take a look at your panel and see if this is an issue. This could also be a problem if your breakers are flipping too often.

electrical wiring systems in electrical panel

The wire that I am pointing too is a circuit that was extended from one breaker to feed another circuit elsewhere in the home.

bad electrical wiring systems

If your panel looks like this, it is definitely time to have it fixed. This was a sub that was fed from a junction that is behind a shower wall!

bad electrical wiring systems in electrical panel

This electrical panel has all the breakers blown because the it was way, way, way too full! The heat caused all to blow. If you see your electrical panel overloaded like this, it is a hazard.

Other Bad Electrical Wiring Systems

bad electrical wiring systems

In this bad electrical wiring systems example, the main feeders are jumped with tape.

bad electrical wiring systems

Check your meter outside of your home. If it is not secured to the home and is pulling away, like in this photo, you need to call an electrician to resecure it.

bad electrical wiring systems

The splices are open in the rafters of this home, increasing the risk for damage and possibly fire.

bad electrical wiring systems


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