Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day this weekend. People often talk about the spark of infatuation when they meet their significant other and the electricity between them in their relationship. This is how we feel about electrical services. While Midwest Comfort Homes offers a variety of commercial and residential electrical services, we have noticed some favorites among our clients.

midwest comfort homes valentines day electrical services


Handyman Electrician Services

Many of our residential clients love to call us to perform some handyman electrical services in their homes. Electricity can be shocking and homeowners are often wary of messing with installation, maintenance, and repair work themselves. We often perform light fixture installation, ceiling fan installation, and look at switch problems. We even recently performed a light fixture installation project for a client in downtown Kansas City. They had purchased the fixtures from Germany and wanted a professional to install them.


Outdoor Lighting Installation

Midwest Comfort Homes often gets requests for outdoor lighting installation for home or commercial landscaping and security. People turn to a professional electrical company in these instances because electricians know what kind of wiring can withstand weather conditions and what strength of bulb is needed for different applications.


Electrical Wiring and Outlet Installation and Repair

We commonly get calls for people whose outlets quit working only to find their electrical wiring system is out of date and could potentially be a fire hazard if overloaded. When this happens, Midwest Comfort Homes will replace the outlets, install new ones if a homeowner needs an additional outlet in a heavily trafficked area, or upgrade the electrical wiring to something more modern and safe.


Electrical Panel Upgrades

For both residential and commercial electrical services, one the most heavily infatuated services we perform are electric panel upgrades. Residential homes whose panels are outdated or who want to add outlets and fixture openings will opt for an electrical panel to handle the heavier load. Commercial properties will upgrade panels as their business expands, when they are renovating a building, or when they are starting a completely new business. Electrical panel upgrades not only make managing electricity in your home or commercial property easier, but it also is much safer. Outdated panels that cannot handle increased electrical loads can quickly become a fire hazard.

If you have been thinking about performing electrical services in your home or commercial property, let the love of Valentine’s Day guide you to the service that is best for your property needs.