Solar Panel Installation in Kansas City

Midwest Comfort Homes is one of the leaders in solar panel installation and green alternative energy systems in the Kansas City Metro area. We completed the second largest green energy project in Kansas City’s history by supplying almost an entire block with usable off-the-grid power.

This project spans the entire top level of a parking garage in a once well-known hangout spot in Westport. The owner of this alternative energy project was the first person to use the state-of-the-art all-light direction panel system. This system traps 100% of the usable light from any direction that the sun is at and converts the light into usable energy that powers several buildings’ main lighting.

This marks the first used system of its kind in Missouri and opens the eyes of many other large business owners. Midwest Comfort Homes has embarked on a new horizon for solar energy management and, with the help of other smart business owners, will help turn Kansas City into more of a green city.

Alternative Energy Systems in Kansas City

Outside of green alternative energy systems, Midwest Comfort Homes also specializes in the following:

  • Green Energy Electrical
  • Renewable Energy Electrician
  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Wind Power Installation

Ready to become more energy efficient? Contact us today to learn about our alternative energy systems and get a quote.

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