Residential Renovation & Remodeling Services

Our experienced team is here for more than just disaster restoration. We also specialize in renovation and remodeling services. As licensed Class A remodeling contractors in Kansas City, our specialized engineering knowledge and training place us a step ahead of the competition. We go the extra mile because we know any remodeling decision you make isn’t just business – it’s personal. We’ll put you in touch with an experienced Kansas City remodeling contractor who will ensure that your project is completed flawlessly.

Whether your kitchen cabinets need a facelift, your flooring needs an upgrade, or your walls could use a fresh coat of paint, our team will bring your vision to life. As a highly respected remodeling and renovation company in Kansas City, we will walk with you every step of the way and give you the home you’ve always wanted. Call (816) 988-8297 to start your restoration today.


Our goal is to have you back in your home as soon as possible.

Midwest Comfort Homes is a locally owned and operated disaster restoration & remodeling company in Kansas City. We proudly serve home and business owners throughout the Kansas City metro and Jackson County, Missouri areas. Our highly trained staff can help you coordinate the mitigation, insurance, and restoration process needed to repair your home or business. Our goal is to get your life back to normal, as quickly as possible.
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Restoration Contractors in Kansas City: What type of Insurance Should Kansas and Missouri Contractors Have? Summer provides some of the busiest months when it comes to home and business repair and remodeling. If you have plans to spruce up the homestead or your business, chances are you are shopping around for a reliable contractor that is going to turn your plans into reality. As you look around for that contractor, one thing you may not be keeping in mind is whether or not that contractor is properly insured for the work they can do on your property. Not verifying the insurance of your contractor could prove to be a big mistake on your part as a property owner.

Commercial Remodel & Renovation Services

Commercial remodels & renovation can transform your business and make it look good as new. As a highly respected Kansas City remodeling company, we have already assisted several clients by avoiding the lengthier alternative - purchasing new features for their business. Our team of experts has prevented clients from major expenses like new countertops, flooring, and other surfaces that simply needed to be refinished - not replaced.

While the process is very similar to residential restoration, we can also help you get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. Call Midwest Comfort Homes, a premier Kansas City renovation company (816) 988-8297 to start your next project today.


Remodeling & Restoration Process

Here is our list of steps that we recommend to our clients.


Establish A

Every project needs clear goals to be successful. When a plan is built before you begin a renovation, it becomes easier to navigate challenges related to the priorities, aesthetics, and budget. If you need help establishing these goals, start by examining your current space. If you need help consult a designer or space planner. Many general contractors have several they work with and can refer you directly to assist you and your remodeling project.


Consider Execution + Prioritize

With goals in hand, it’s now important to think through how you want a project to be executed. If you choose to phase your renovations, prioritize the updates that will have the most immediate impact on your daily life. If you love preparing meals, your kitchen might come first. The priorities you settle on need to reflect your budget set.


Consider The

This is likely the most important phase in planning for a renovation no matter what the size. A common misconception is that you should not share your prospective budget with your contractor. Many of our clients need help to come to a budget for a project. We suggest that they research each phase on the internet and ask questions to your contractor. It is also important to plan for a contingency no matter the size of the project.


Pick The Right

Depending on the scope of the project, you will either likely need to hire a full-service general contractor who can handle all the phases of the project for you or find several different partners to handle the day-to-day operations yourself. When our company picks subcontractors to do work under our license, we use a list of questions to help determine if they are the right fit or not. Call us today at 816-988-8297


Prioritize Service And Make Them Feel Valued

Even with the right partner(s) on board, there is still endless coordination, communication and decisions involved in any renovation. Overall, your project manager(s) serve as your day-to-day contact, funneling information to you and advocating on your behalf. Make sure communication is a priority for your project manager and how you like to receive communication updates.

5 Key Reasons

You Should Have Midwest Comfort Homes Assist You
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With Midwest Comfort Homes we take pride that our work is not just business but personal.

Co-Owner Travis Thonen will personally visit you to review and inspect your remodeling and renovation project. We stand by our work and take pride that we have been recognized as an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 5-Star Google Rating.


    Save Money and Time


    Leave the Project Management to the Pros

    Take Advantage of Established Working Partnerships
    Enjoy Peace of Mind
    Have it Done Once, Have it Done Right

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    The staff at MCH doesn’t just have experience in disaster restoration, they also have experience as a disaster customer. Co-owner Travis Thonen was just a child when a fire destroyed his home. Watching his mother be pressured by restoration companies left a mark. When Travis founded MCH, he vowed to be the company that cared. No pushing, no pressure. Just help when you need it.

    Gary Lezak

    "We found water pouring through light fixtures and the ceiling. It was recommended to us to call Midwest Comfort Homes. The owner came to our house the next day, and in an instant we experienced a feeling of comfort and confidence. The staff was top notch. The final result was a house that seemed brand new!"

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