Midwest Comfort Homes offers full service when it comes to wind or hail damage restoration.
Our certified estimator will assess the damages.  Midwest Comfort Homes will do a complete roof replacement, or a simple patch if that is all that is necessary.  Midwest Comfort Homes will not only replace damaged shingles, but our experienced staff will address any additional damage that occurs during a wind/hail storm, including replacing gutters, siding, windows, paint, awnings, and HVAC systems. One phone call to Midwest Comfort Homes is all it takes to ensure your loss will be handled professionally and timely. 

Midwest Comfort Homes Restoration is proud to have achieved its status as an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred.  Only the top three percent of roofing contractors have qualified for these prestigious statuses.  These manufacturers develop the programs to help customers find a quality roofing contractor that is reputable and dependable. To qualify, applicants must prove that they are licensed, insured, and have a proven reputation. They also must be committed to ongoing professional training.  Midwest Comfort Homes has met all of these requirements and is gratified that this honor helping establish the company as a top roofing contractor in the Midwest. Our team strives to provide quality work and excellent customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to have you back in your home as soon as possible. Call (816) 988-8297 to start your restoration today.

Commercial Restoration Services

Midwest Comfort Homes also offers mold damage restoration services for your business. While the process is very similar to residential restoration, we can also help you get your business back up and running as quickly as is possible. Call (816) 988-8297 to start your business restoration process today.

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Roof Damage Restoration Process

  • Emergency Contact & Dispatch

    At the first sign of storm damage contact MCH. Our certified service team will be dispatched to your site to help guide you through the restoration process, as well as board up and tarp off any areas of the home to prevent further damage and protect your belongings.

  • Inspection

    The MCH service team will conduct a walk through inspection, creating a 3D scan of the damage. If needed, MCH will secure your home from the elements.

  • Insurance

    After the inspection, MCH will create a detailed damage report which is sent to your insurance carrier. MCH will contact and work with your insurance adjuster for rapid restoration bid approval.

  • Disaster Mitigation

    If needed, MCH will coordinate with a disaster mitigation company who will conduct the clean out and remediation process. Disaster mitigation is the process of reducing or preventing damage caused by a disaster such as severe weather. Before restoration work can begin, a disaster mitigation company will clean out the damaged space, leaving a blank slate for the restoration process. Call us today at 816-988-8297 and our team will dispatch someone promptly.

  • Restoration

    Once the disaster mitigation process is finished, MCH will begin restoration work.

5 Steps You Can Take Today

While you wait for mitigation and restoration to begin on your house, there are a few tasks you can do around your home after finding mold damage.

  • Photograph or video any damage for insurance purposes.
  • Turn off the HVAC to stop air circulating in the home.
  • Place plastic over your vent registers.
  • Use rubber gloves to remove undamaged goods from the area.
  • Open windows to increase air ventilation.