Restoration Services in Kansas City

At Midwest Comfort Homes, we know disaster can strike in many different forms. If your home or business has suffered significant damage, no matter the cause, you can trust our team to provide the very best in home or business restoration services in Kansas City. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will provide the knowledge, service, and care you deserve.  

We provide the highest quality restoration services in Kansas City, no matter the disaster you may have experienced. Our areas of specialty include: 

  • Strom Damage Restoration 
  • Water Damage Restoration 
  • Fire Damage Restoration 
  • Smoke Damage Restoration 


Storm Damage Restoration in Kansas City

As a longtime Kansas City restoration company, we are familiar with severe weather and the damage it can cause to your home or business. Whether it’s tornados, high winds, hail, or torrential rains, all of these different elements can cause major damage to a structure. Fortunately, our team at Midwest Comfort Homes knows precisely how to handle all aspects of storm damage restoration 

If your property has suffered storm damage, contact Midwest Comfort Homes immediately. Our certified team will meet you at the site and guide you through the next steps to take in the storm damage restoration process. We will put down tarps and boards to prevent any further damage inside your home or business. We will also conduct a thorough inspection, reach out to your insurance company, and contact a disaster mitigation company if necessary. Then we can begin focusing on a storm damage restoration plan for your Kansas City business or home.  

Water Damage Restoration in Kansas City

Water is one of the leading causes of damage inside a home or business. Some of the most common events that lead to water damage include flooding, roof leaks, pipe bursts, or sewer issues. If your home or business has suffered water damage due to one of these events, call Midwest Comfort Homes, one of the premier companies for water damage restoration in Kansas City 

If your structure has taken on standing water, the water needs to be removed immediately so the floors and walls can dry out. Before our MCH water damage restoration team can get to work, you will likely need to contact a disaster mitigation service to prevent further issues and clean out any damaged areas. Once this is complete, our Kansas City restoration professionals can start getting your home or business back in working order.  

Fire Damage Restoration in Kansas City

A fire can be one of the most devastating events for a home or business in Kansas City. Fires can spread quickly within almost any structure, putting everyone who is inside in serious danger. The number one priority during a fire is to get everyone out safely. Immediately afterward, call your local fire department to contain the blaze and limit the damage.  

Once the fire is out, contact our experts at Midwest Comfort Homes, one of the top resources for fire damage restoration in Kansas City. We will provide same-day service to help guide you through the fire damage restoration process. Our team will board up the structure or cover it with tarps to make sure it is protected from the elements. We will then conduct a thorough inspection, create a detailed report, contact your insurance company, and consult with a disaster mitigation specialist. These are all necessary steps before our fire damage restoration team can get to work.  

Smoke Damage Restoration in Kansas City

Fire can cause significant damage to any home or business, but one thing many people may not realize is that smoke damage can also be devastating if not safely removed. The smell of smoke inside a structure can be nearly impossible to remove for anyone who doesn’t have the proper experience. If your home or business has recently been impacted by a fire, contact Midwest Comfort Homes, your trusted source for smoke damage restoration in Kansas City 

Even after the fire has been extinguished, it is critical that you do not enter the home or business right away. The lingering smell of smoke and the soot on the walls can result in poor air quality and pose potential health risks. Our smoke damage restoration team in Kansas City will thoroughly evaluate all the damage and advise you on the next steps to take. Once the area is safe to enter, you can then take photos for insurance purposes, make a list of damaged items, open the windows to improve air quality, and collect any important documents you need.  

For the very best in restoration services, contact Midwest Comfort Homes today at (816) 988-8297.