In the aftermath of a traumatic event you need a respectful, responsible team who can help you restore your home. We understand the emotional impact that trauma can have on your family and will work closely with you to restore your home as quickly as possible.

A biohazard is an organic material that causes health risks to humans. This can be anything from animal waste to chemical labs. Midwest Comfort Homes is fully trained to help restore your home from after contamination from hazardous materials.

Our goal is to have you back in your home as soon as possible. Call (816) 988-8297 to start your restoration today.

Commercial Restoration Services

Midwest Comfort Homes also offers trauma and biohazard damage restoration services for your business. While the process is very similar to residential restoration, we can also help you get your business back up and running as quickly as is possible. Call (816) 988-8297 to start your business restoration process today.

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Trauma & Biohazard Restoration Process

  • Emergency Contact & Dispatch

    If needed notify the proper authorities about the event, before contacting your insurance carrier. When they have declared your home safe to enter mitigation and restoration can begin.

  • Inspection

    The MCH service team will conduct a walk through inspection, creating a 3D scan of the damage.

  • Disaster Mitigation

    Depending on the inspection, we might recommend you call a disaster mitigation company who will use proper chemical treatments to decontaminate hazardous materials. Disaster mitigation is the process of reducing or preventing damage caused by a disaster such as mold. Before restoration work can begin, a disaster mitigation company will clean out the damaged space, leaving a blank slate for the restoration process.
    Call us today at 816-988-8297 and our team will dispatch someone promptly.

  • Insurance Claims

    We will work with your insurance carrier to get the restoration bid approved quickly.

  • Restoration

    Once the disaster mitigation process is finished, MCH will begin restoration work.

5 Steps You Can Take Today

While you wait for mitigation and restoration to begin on your house, there are a few tasks you can do around your home.

  • Take photos and videos of the damage for insurance purposes.
  • Create a list of damaged property.
  • Use rubber gloves to remove undamaged goods from the area.
  • Collect important documents and move them with you off-site.
  • Clean up any debris or broken glass.