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25 Helpful Fire Safety and Fire Mitigation Strategies

As a home restoration and remodeling company in Kansas City, we help restore and rebuild homes for our clients every day. If you have ever suffered from a fire in your home––and even if you haven’t––you know how important fire safety is. Follow these tips from a remodeling contractor in Kansas City to reduce the probability and severity of fires where you live and work.


  1. Install Smoke Alarms – Remodeling Company in Kansas City

Smoke alarms are the first line of defense against fire hazards. Install them on every level of your home, inside bedrooms, and outside sleeping areas. Test them monthly and change the batteries at least once a year. Remember that smoke alarms have a useful life of about ten years, after which they should be replaced.


  1. Place Fire Extinguishers Strategically

A fire extinguisher should be easily accessible on every floor. Fires often start in the kitchen, garage, and workshop. Make sure everyone knows how to use them by practicing regularly.



  1. Develop and Practice Escape Plans

Every household and office should have a fire escape plan with two exits from every room and a meeting place outside. Practice this plan at least twice a year, ensuring that children and employees are familiar with it.


  1. Electrical Safety Checks – Remodeling Company in Kansas City

Regularly inspect your electrical appliances, cords, and outlets. Replace or repair anything that is damaged, as frayed wires or loose connections can quickly start a fire. Do not overload outlets, and avoid running extension cords under carpets or over door frames.


  1. Safe Cooking Practices

Never leave cooking unattended, as it is a leading cause of home fires. Keep flammable materials like oven mitts, wooden utensils, and paper towels away from the stove. Also, always stay in the kitchen while frying, grilling, or broiling food.


  1. Chimney and Heating System Maintenance

Before the heating season each year, have your chimney inspected and cleaned by a professional. Any heating equipment and vents should also be cleaned and checked to prevent fire hazards due to buildup or malfunction.


  1. Cigarette Smoking Rules

If smoking indoors cannot be avoided, ensure that sturdy, deep ashtrays are used and placed away from anything that can burn. Never smoke in bed or when you’re likely to fall asleep on the couch. Always douse butts with water before disposing of them.


  1. Holiday Décor Safety – Remodeling Company in Kansas City

During holidays, especially Christmas, ensure that live trees are watered daily to keep them from drying out. Check holiday lights for frayed wires and ensure decorations are kept far from open flames and heat sources.


  1. Use of Candles Safely

Never leave candles burning unattended. Place them away from flammable materials and in sturdy holders that won’t tip over. Consider using battery-operated flameless candles as a safer alternative.


  1. Regular Home Inspections

Inspecting your home annually for fire risks can help spot hazards like faulty wiring, the accumulation of flammable materials, or unsuitable storage practices.


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  1. Educate Children about Fire Safety – Remodeling Company in Kansas City

Children are naturally curious about fire. It is essential to educate them on the dangers and establish rules about what should not be touched or played with, including matches, lighters, and stove controls.


  1. Secure the Garage and Storage Areas

The garage and other storage areas often contain flammable liquids and materials. Store all such items in proper containers and away from ignition sources. Keep the area tidy to reduce fuel for fires.


  1. Install Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs)

Arc-faults in electrical circuits can cause fires. Installing AFCIs can prevent this by interrupting the circuit when an unintended arc occurs.


  1. Practice Safe Battery Use and Storage – Remodeling Company in Kansas City

Batteries, especially lithium-ion, can pose fire risks if improperly used or stored. Keep them in their original packaging until use, and store them away from metal objects that might trigger a short circuit.


  1. Safe Use of Heating Appliances

Space heaters need space. Keep them at least three feet away from anything that can burn, and never leave them on when leaving the room or going to sleep.


  1. Dryer Vent Cleaning

Lint buildup in your dryer’s lint trap and vent hose can easily catch fire. Clean the lint trap after each load of laundry and the vent hose annually.


  1. Proper Use and Storage of Flammable Liquids

Gasoline, kerosene, and other flammable liquids should be stored in approved, clearly labeled containers. Use them in well-ventilated areas and keep them away from ignition sources.


  1. Maintain Landscaping to Reduce Wildfire Risk

If you live in a wildfire-prone area, maintain a defensible space around your home. This involves clearing away dead vegetation and trimming trees to reduce fire fuel.


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  1. Learn How to Shut Off Natural Gas – Remodeling Company in Kansas City

In the event of a fire, knowing how to shut off your home or building’s natural gas supply can prevent explosions or further fire spread.


  1. Keep Fire Doors Closed

In buildings equipped with fire doors, ensure they are kept closed during a fire to help slow the spread of fire and smoke.


  1. Use Technology for Monitoring

Installing smart fire detectors and security systems can provide real-time alerts about fire hazards, even when you’re away from home.


  1. Secure Escape Routes

Ensure that furniture or other items do not block windows, doors, and hallways that could be used as escape routes in case of a fire.


  1. Window Ladder for Multi-Story Buildings

For homes and businesses with multiple floors, having an escape ladder for each upper-story room can provide a vital exit route during a fire.


  1. Regular Fire Drills – Remodeling Company in Kansas City

Regular fire drills will ensure everyone knows what to do and where to go if there’s a fire, whether at home or in a business setting.


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  1. Community Safety Programs

Participate in or initiate community fire safety programs. Sharing knowledge and resources can help improve fire safety awareness and practices in your neighborhood or business community.


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