fallen tree on commercial business causing damage after summer storms

5 Tips to Prevent Summer Storms from Interrupting Your Business

The only thing predictable about summer storms is that they are going to pop up at some point during the season. Summer storms can be severe – thunderstorms, tornadoes, and the chance of flooding are all things that can cause extensive damage to your home or business. As a business owner, you don’t have time or money to deal with …

home damaged by storm with blue tarp over roof and siding missing

Storm Chasers: Why You Should Avoid Them and How to Spot Them

When your home or property has sustained damage from severe weather, the last thing you need is a scam or a shady deal from unqualified and unreliable contractors just out to make their next buck. Unfortunately, there are many dishonest and unethical businesses out there on the hunt for homeowners and property managers to take advantage of.  Knowing how to …

Allen - Storm - 3rd

Storm, Wind and Hail Damage Restoration Project

Many of our clients take the opportunity to remodel their homes after a major loss. During this four-month project, the MCH team restored the storm damage as well as built onto their home to make it even more beautiful. Learn more about MCH’s storm, wind and hail damage restoration process. Project Portfolio