basement with supports holding ceiling up and floor with water damage, sewage backup, and mold growth

Sewage Clean-Up: Why You Must Get Professional Help

Experiencing sewage backup in basements of residential or commercial properties is never a good situation to be in. However, it doesn’t take much time for the bad situation to become much worse when it comes to sewage.  After heavy rainfall, flooding, or after a big spring thaw, water entering sewers and septic systems can quickly overwhelm them. That leads to …

school building exterior

How To Get Emergency Water Damage Help For Your School, College, or University

There’s a reason school districts limit snow days. Parents need to go to work and the curriculum needs to be followed. It can be detrimental when kids miss too many days of school.  It turns out, the melted version of snow can cause problems for schools as well. Water damage from weather, plumbing issues, and other emergencies can force facility …

older wood floors that have buckled due to water damage and moisture inside house

How To Identify And Date Water Damage In An Older Home

Older homes can have immense character and charm; most are solidly built and are a great investment of your time and money.  But as with most things, age creates a specific set of concerns for older homes. Water damage is one of those areas to look for as you purchase an older home or manage your older home’s upkeep.  The …

historic home in missouri

Water Disaster Restoration and Historic Homes: What You Need to Know

What Is a Historic Home? Although it’s easy to declare that an older and much-loved home is historic, the actual accepted definition is far more exacting. According to the National Register of  Historic Places, a home is only considered to be historic if it meets the following criteria: It must be more than 50 years old (with one or two …

professional water damage restoration air mover and dehumidifier drying out room damaged by water

What Is Water Damage Restoration, and Why Is Professional Help So Important?

Water damage comes in all different forms. Sometimes the damage from water is caused when a small leak goes unnoticed. It may take weeks or even months before the damage finally shows up to signal damage to your property’s structure and surfaces.  Then there are the times when a pipe bursts from the second floor or a dishwasher hose breaks, …

basement flooded with water and sewage damage

5 Dangerous Myths About Water and Sewage Damage Restoration

With the introduction of indoor plumbing came the most common types of water damage to a building. Whether you have a broken dishwasher flooding your restaurant or a burst sewage pipe backing up into your basement, water and sewer damage requires a quick and effective response.  There are a few misconceptions that can lead to severe long-term damage to your …

vacant commercial property building

Tips to Protect Your Vacant Business or Building from Floods

There are several reasons why a business property may be vacant for a period of time. Reasons may be range from temporary closings, transitioning between tenants, or scheduled renovations. During these vacancies buildings risk flooding, which can go unnoticed until people return to the building. The longer vacant property flooding is left untreated, the more severe the damage, causing you …

vacant home in winter covered in snow

10 Tips to Prevent Water Damage in a Vacant Property

When you leave your business property or home for a long period of time, you risk running into potential water damages on your return, especially in the frigid winter months. Frozen pipes may burst, water may leak through the roof, and clogged gutters may result in major flooding. When you return home, you may be faced with various issues, all …

Lehr - Water - 6th

Water damage project in Overland Park, KS

Midwest Comfort Homes is currently helping a family in Overland Park, KS after water damage created havoc on all three floors of their home. Check-in frequently for updates as this project, which we estimate will take around six weeks for total repair. Learn more about MCH’s water damage restoration process. Project Portfolio