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How to Safely Handle Meth Use at Your Rental Property

No property owner or manager wants a meth situation on their hands. It’s a major hazard and can pose health and safety risks for you and your residents. However, as hard as you try to keep your property safe and clean, it can still happen. Methamphetamine cooks are quite clever and have learned ways to go undetected. Fortunately, there are …

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What Insurance Do You Need to Cover a Vehicle-into-Building Crash?

In Boone County, Missouri, a 15-year-old driver crashed into both a restaurant and a nail salon. They damaged the external concrete wall separating the two businesses, breaking windows, and destroying much of the interior spaces to both businesses.  In moments, both businesses were shut down and would require immediate damage control and require a long-term restoration process. While news of …

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Vehicle Into Building Crashes: How to Prevent Them at Your Business

Did you know that a car crashes into a commercial building 60 times a day in America, injuring close to 4,000 people annually?  One of the most tragic statistics coming from these kinds of accidents is that close to 500 people are killed every year in these types of crashes–people who are innocently walking in a store or sitting in …

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What Are You Required To Do When A Tenant Dies In Your Property?

Most landlords worry about what they would do if a tragic incident occurred on their property.  One of the scariest and most serious events that can happen is having a renter die in your property. This can be an overwhelming experience for even the most well-seasoned property managers. It’s important to be as prepared as possible to navigate the death …

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Biohazard project in Rayville, MO

Midwest Comfort Homes worked with the city of Rayville, MO to restore a vacant home that had been overrun by pests and animals. After the three month project the team at MCH was able to restore the home back to pre-loss condition, aiding the city in the selling process. Project Portfolio