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How To Get Emergency Water Damage Help For Your School, College, or University

There’s a reason school districts limit snow days. Parents need to go to work and the curriculum needs to be followed. It can be detrimental when kids miss too many days of school.  It turns out, the melted version of snow can cause problems for schools as well. Water damage from weather, plumbing issues, and other emergencies can force facility …

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What type of Insurance Should Kansas and Missouri Contractors Have?

Summer provides some of the busiest months when it comes to home and business repair and remodeling. If you have plans to spruce up the homestead or your business, chances are you are shopping around for a reliable contractor that is going to turn your plans into reality. As you look around for that contractor, one thing you may not …

historic main street in downtown

How to Prevent and Restore Fire Damage in Historic Properties

What Makes a Building Historic? Although it’s easy to declare that an older and much-loved home or commercial building is historic, the actual accepted definition is far more exacting. According to the National Register of  Historic Places, a building is only considered to be historic if it meets several criteria: It must be more than 50 years old (with one …

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What Insurance Do You Need to Cover a Vehicle-into-Building Crash?

In Boone County, Missouri, a 15-year-old driver crashed into both a restaurant and a nail salon. They damaged the external concrete wall separating the two businesses, breaking windows, and destroying much of the interior spaces to both businesses.  In moments, both businesses were shut down and would require immediate damage control and require a long-term restoration process. While news of …

vehicle crashed into building causing damage to store and merchandise

Vehicle Into Building Crashes: How to Prevent Them at Your Business

Did you know that a car crashes into a commercial building 60 times a day in America, injuring close to 4,000 people annually?  One of the most tragic statistics coming from these kinds of accidents is that close to 500 people are killed every year in these types of crashes–people who are innocently walking in a store or sitting in …


Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Project

Midwest Comfort Homes recently helped a local small business owner when their families cupcake bakery suffered a tragic fire loss.  The community now has an even better local bakery to meet after this restoration project’s amazing results were finished. Project Portfolio

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Commercial Storm Restoration Project

Midwest Comfort Homes recently received a client call on a holiday weekend reporting that their sprinklers had exploded.  Midwest Comfort Homes helped this customer get back to normal and move its clientele back into the complex in a timely manner. Let the dedicated team at Midwest Comfort Homes help you get your business back up and running in record time. Project …

Restaurant after restoration by MCH

Commercial Water Restoration Project

Midwest Comfort Homes was called by this restaurant owner when a hard freeze caused their water lines to break. The owners were worried about the loss in revenue during our team’s restoration process. So, the team at Midwest Comfort Homes helped by dividing the restaurant into working and none working rooms while the construction was underway. After a short few …

Nail tables in a salon that was restored by MCH

Auto collision restoration project

It’s not often that a business suffers a loss from a vehicle sticking it’s building.  The team at Midwest Comfort Homes is trained to respond the same day for all emergency board up needs so the business can get back to what it does best.  This local small business was back up and running in no time, thanks to the hard work …