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How to Prevent and Restore Fire Damage in Historic Properties

What Makes a Building Historic? Although it’s easy to declare that an older and much-loved home or commercial building is historic, the actual accepted definition is far more exacting. According to the National Register of  Historic Places, a building is only considered to be historic if it meets several criteria: It must be more than 50 years old (with one …

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A Commercial Tenant’s Guide to Fire Legal Liability Insurance

The National Fire Protection Association’s latest statistics show that non-residential structure fires, which include retail and office properties, accounted for 22,000 reported fires and caused $209 million in damage in 2019.   When it comes to liability for property damage after a fire, a tenant of a commercial rental property has a greater responsibility for those damages. If it’s determined that …

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What is a Landlord Responsible for After a Fire?

While many landlord responsibilities are easy routine management, there are only a handful of events that can be catastrophic and require immediate action–a fire is one of them, and can be one of the most traumatic situations for both a landlord and their tenant. It requires lightning fast decision making within hours of a fire. As a landlord, don’t get …

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Fire & smoke restoration project in Shawnee, KS

Midwest Comfort Homes is currently helping a couple in Shawnee, KS put their beautiful home back together after a major fire loss. The house had to be completely gutted and only a portion of the framing has been kept. Check-in frequently for updates as this project will span close to 18 months. Project Portfolio