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How to Create a Home Fire Safety Plan

A fire can occur at any time in your home. Are you ready? Disaster preparedness is critical for survival and mitigation. We often do fire damage restoration in Kansas City and can confirm that homes and families that create fire safety plans are less likely to be harmed.

Analyze Fire Hazards in Your Home

Awareness of the many fire risks in your home is the first step toward successful fire prevention. Malfunctioning electrical equipment, heaters, stoves, candles, and smoking are some of the most common causes of fires in homes.

 Ensure Fire Extinguishers are Available Throughout Your Home

It is recommended to have at least one fire extinguisher on each floor of your home. Additional extinguishers should be available in your kitchen, near HVAC systems, water heaters, and any electrical equipment which draws a high current.

Identify Multiple Exit Strategies in Case of Fire

Another essential part of a home fire safety plan is establishing multiple exit strategies in case of fires in different areas of your home. We suggest gathering all those who live in your home and walking through the house together to discuss the possibility of fires from different sources and potential exit routes.

Agree Upon a Meeting Location

Identify a location outside of your home, preferably at least 10 yards away from your house, as a meeting place in case of fire. This will help you find each other quickly and make sure everyone has made it out of the house.

Ensure Your House Number (Address) is Clearly Marked Outside Your Home

Restoration companies in Kansas City can only rebuild your home if the fire is put out quickly. For that to occur, the fire department needs to be able to find your home quickly. Make sure your house number is easily identified and legible from the street.


Restoration Companies in Kansas City

Install Quality Smoke Alarms

Fire prevention is also a crucial part of any home fire safety plan. We suggest installing multiple quality fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors on each floor of your home. If your current fire alarm is activated for seemingly no reason, it isn’t working correctly.

Kansas City Restoration Contractors

If your home does catch fire, call 911 immediately. After the fire is out, call Midwest Comfort Homes. We are one of the best restoration companies in Kansas City. We can help get the restoration process started right away.

Midwest Comfort Homes – Specialists in Fire Damage Restoration in Kansas City

Hopefully, your home will never flood, but if it does, we can help. We love helping people repair their homes and businesses. Our experts can help you quickly get your home repaired after a flood or perform Kansas City fire and storm repair. Whatever you need, we are here to help.


It’s Not Business, It’s Personal

The desire to help families recover from a disaster is the driving force behind Midwest Comfort Homes. We are not only one of the best home restoration companies in Kansas City, but we are here to support you during this emotional time. We want to help you get back into your home as quickly as possible. Because we know better than most that this isn’t business, it’s personal.

Call us, and we can get your home back together again. We are a fully licensed residential and commercial restoration company in Kansas City with years of experience helping people rebuild their homes and businesses. Contact us today.


Restoration Companies in Kansas City

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