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Kansas City Water Damage Services: 6 Ways to Terrible Prevent Water Damage in Your Kitchen

Kansas City Water Damage Services – How certain do you feel that the plumbing and appliances in your kitchen are in good condition? A damaged supply hose for your sink or water dispenser can quickly dump massive amounts of water inside your cabinetry and onto the floor. If you aren’t home when the damage occurs, you may arrive to find hundreds of gallons of water throughout your home. A building restoration company in Kansas City can help you repair your home, but it is always best to prevent accidents like these.

Kansas City Water Damage Services#1 – Replace Valves and Hoses Every Time You Replace a Fixture

Leaky hoses and valves often create hidden leaks underneath your sink. Even when these leaks are small, it may be days or weeks before they are discovered. That is plenty of time to cause significant water damage and mold problems. Do yourself a favor and replace supply hoses and valves every time you change or rebuild the faucet on your sink.

Kansas City Water Damage Services#2 – Repair Leaks Immediately

A small leak may not seem very serious, but it can be serious when not corrected quickly. Even a tiny drip of water over several days can release tens of gallons of water inside your cabinets or walls. Don’t risk it.

Kansas City Water Damage Services#3 – Install Leak Detectors

If you know you have a history of leaks inside your home but can’t afford to fix everything immediately, install leak detectors under sinks and behind appliances that use water, like refrigerators and dishwashers.

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#4 – Perform Routine Maintenance on Appliances like Refrigerators and Dishwashers

Did you know that all of your home appliances, like refrigerators and dishwashers, need routine maintenance? Check your owner’s manuals for the suggested service intervals, and don’t fall behind. A damaged seal or hose inside an appliance can leak and spew water all over your kitchen, causing thousands of dollars of damage.

#5 – Only Hire Professionals to do Installation and Repairs

When it comes time to repair a sink, unclog a drain, or fix a malfunctioning dishwasher, don’t trust just anyone. A minor assembly error can result in a significant water leak.

#6 – Know Where the Main Water Shutoff is Located

If a water leak does occur in your home, do you know how to shut the water off? Make sure you know where your main water shutoff valve is and how to operate it.


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