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Experts on Kansas City Water Damage Services Outline 3 Simple Steps to Test Your Sump Pump

Experts on Kansas City Water Damage Services Outline 3 Simple Steps to Test Your Sump Pump — At Midwest Comfort Homes, we offer Kansas City water damage services if your home floods or your roof is damaged during a storm. Flooding in your home or basement can create a terrible mess. Most Kansas City restoration contractors agree that the best way to prevent basement flooding is with regular preventative home maintenance and installing a quality sump pump.

If you already have a sump pump in your basement, when was the last time you tested it to ensure that it is working as it should? Follow these basic steps to ensure your sump pump is in good condition:

#1 – Locate Your Pump and the Discharge Pipe

The first step to testing your pump is locating it. You will also need to find the discharge pipe outside your home. Ensure that the discharge pipe is free of obstructions and in good condition. Some discharge pipes are located at ground level and risk getting covered in dirt and plants.

#2 – Experts on Kansas City Water Damage Services Say, “Test Your Pump”

  • Visually inspect your pump. Confirm that the wiring is clean and undamaged before you attempt to work the pump. Your pump should also be relatively clean and rust-free.
  • Fill a five-gallon bucket with clean water.
  • Slowly pour the water into the sump pump pit.
  • Your pump should turn on automatically and pump water out of the pit.
  • If your pump appears to work as it should, pour two or three buckets of water into the pit. This should flush the pump and ensure its internal parts are relatively clean.
  • Repeat this process at least twice a year or according to the recommendations of your sump pump manufacturer.

Kansas City Water Damage Services

#3 – Repair or Replace if Necessary

Something is wrong if your pump does not kick on automatically when pouring water into the pit. We recommend calling a certified plumber with sump pump experience for help.

Kansas City Water Damage Services

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