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Restoration Services in Kansas City Asks, “What is Orange Mold?”

Restoration Services in Kansas City Asks, “What is Orange Mold?”—As a company offering restoration services in Kansas City, we not only have to know how to rebuild a damaged home but also how to identify the difference between a minor problem and a severe problem. While most people are familiar with the dangers associated with black mold, few have much understanding of orange mold.

 Restoration Services in Kansas City –Where Does Orange Mold Occur?

Orange mold is most often found in your kitchen on foods such as cheese, yogurt, and bread. However, it is also found on wood in your home’s structure and around windows. Like other molds, orange mold tends to appear where conditions are warm, damp, and dark.

 Restoration Services in Kansas City –What is the Difference Between Orange Mold and Black Mold?

Orange mold and black mold are colored differently because they originate from distinct types of fungi. In fact, there are several different fungi with an orange appearance and several with a black appearance. Some fungi are more dangerous than others, and color alone isn’t an efficient way of determining the associated dangers.

 Restoration Services in Kansas City

 Restoration Services in Kansas City –Is Orange Mold Dangerous?

Much like black mold, orange mold in large quantities can be dangerous. Ingesting or inhaling mold spores can produce an allergic reaction in almost anyone if they are exposed in large enough quantities. Common reactions include runny nose, eye irritation, throat irritation, skin rash, lung irritation, shortness of breath, and more.

 Restoration Services in Kansas City -*What Should I do if I Find Orange Mold in My Home?

If you find a little orange mold around a window sill or in your attic, you can attempt to remove it and clean the area with bleach. However, if you find a large area covered in black, orange, or any other mold, it is best to have professional mold remediation by a company offering Kansas City water damage services and mold removal services. If mold is not dealt with quickly and efficiently, it may spread and become more difficult to remove.

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