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Restoration Services in Kansas City Explains 7 Amazing Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Winter Storm

As an experienced company offering restoration services in Kansas City, we have seen the damage that can occur during winter storms. We also know that the best time to prevent winter storm damage is well before the storm hits. Consider these seven suggestions to prepare your home as best you can for a winter storm.

Restoration Services in Kansas City #1 – Have Your Roof Inspected

Rain, ice, and snow can place considerable demands on your roof during a storm. Your roof needs to be adequately insulated, ventilated, and in generally good shape. Call a local roofing company for a roof inspection. Many roofers will inspect your roof for free.

Restoration Services in Kansas City #2 – Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters serve a critical function in protecting your home. Overfilled gutters hold water inside rather than redirecting it away from your home. Overfilled and frozen gutters can cause serious damage to your home’s roof and trim.

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Restoration Services in Kansas City #3 – Have Your Fireplace and Chimney Cleaned

If your home has a fireplace, have it cleaned and inspected in the fall. If your home loses power during a storm, you may need the fireplace to heat your home.

Restoration Services in Kansas City

Restoration Services in Kansas City #4 – Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

One of the biggest dangers in homes during the winter are malfunctioning heaters. Call a local HVAC specialist to perform routine maintenance on your heater and install carbon monoxide detectors.

Restoration Services in Kansas City #5 – Replace Worn Seals on Doors and Windows

During a winter storm, your home’s heating system is pushed to its limits. Make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible and avoid HVAC system failure. Inspect, clean, and replace damaged seals around your doors and windows.

Restoration Services in Kansas City #6 – Trim Your Trees

Winter storms often leave trees near your home heavily burdened with ice. As the weight of the ice increases, so does the probability that your trees will snap. Limbs near your home or powerlines can cause severe damage. Have your trees pruned appropriately this fall.

Restoration Services in Kansas City #7 – Inspect and Insulate Your Home’s Plumbing

Frozen pipes can break and flood your home during or after a winter storm. Don’t wait until it’s freezing outside to start insulating your home’s plumbing.

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Restoration Services in Kansas City

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