Water Damage Restoration in Kansas City

Water Damage Restoration in Kansas City: 5 Common Causes of Hazardous Home Electrical Fires

Fire and water damage restoration in Kansas City can take weeks or even months. Is your home as safe as it can be? House fires are particularly devastating because they can occur unexpectedly and cause catastrophic damage in very little time. Most homeowners know the dangers of cigarettes, candles, and other open flames. Are you just as aware of the most common sources of electrical fires?

Water Damage Restoration in Kansas City #1 – Circuit Overloading

The electrical circuits in your home are designed to safely handle a limited amount of current––typically measured in amps. Appliances that draw larger amounts of current should be separated on independent circuits. Electric stoves, clothes dryers, dishwashers, and HVAC systems typically have dedicated circuits and circuit breakers.

Water Damage Restoration in Kansas City #2 – Faulty Electrical Outlets

The electrical outlets in your home are typically rated to a maximum of 15 amps. Some appliances, like space heaters, may draw more than 20 amps––especially if damaged. If a 15-amp outlet is improperly installed or used to power an appliance drawing more than 15amps, it may incur damage. Damaged outlets can produce short circuits or abnormally high resistance in the circuit, which can, consequently, cause fires.

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Water Damage Restoration in Kansas City #3 – Old Wiring

Older homes often have wiring not suited to the electrical demands of modern appliances. Undersized wires, poor connections, and improperly rated breakers can cause sparks or overheated wires. Both are dangerous.

Water Damage Restoration in Kansas City

Water Damage Restoration in Kansas City #4 – Oversized Circuit Breakers

Your home appliances with large electrical demands should be on dedicated breakers sized specifically to the amount of current they were designed to use. Sometimes an aging or damaged appliance begins to draw more current than it was designed to, and it overloads the circuit breaker causing it to trip repeatedly. Then, instead of repairing the appliance, the homeowner installs a larger circuit breaker. This may temporarily resolve the problem, but it may also be masking a more serious issue inside the appliance––and significantly increase the risk of fires.

#5 – Misuse of Extension Cords

There is a good reason that extension cords are sold in different sizes and lengths. Higher draw appliances require heavier gauge extension cords. If a user attempts to draw more current through an extension cord than it was designed to carry, it can overheat the entire circuit, including the extension cord. The heat generated inside the extension cord can cause a fire. An overheated extension cord can also melt the insulation around the wires and create a short circuit that may produce sparks.

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Water Damage Restoration in Kansas City

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Water Damage Restoration in Kansas City

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