professional water damage restoration air mover and dehumidifier drying out room damaged by water

What Is Water Damage Restoration, and Why Is Professional Help So Important?

Water damage comes in all different forms. Sometimes the damage from water is caused when a small leak goes unnoticed. It may take weeks or even months before the damage finally shows up to signal damage to your property’s structure and surfaces. 

Then there are the times when a pipe bursts from the second floor or a dishwasher hose breaks, and water is pouring through your ceiling or onto the floors destroying hardwood flooring, carpets, and drywalled ceilings — and the structures underneath. Water damage can also come in the form of backed-up sewage drains or floods. 

Whether it is a leaking roof, a flooded basement, or the aftermath of a fire, there are many ways that your home or business can be impacted by water damage.

Water Damage Requires Professional Restoration

  • Although water itself is not scary, the damage it can cause is. Water in any type of property can create all kinds of devastating consequences, including creating a perfect growth environment for bacteria and mold. Because mold and bacteria can start growing within 24-48 hours after water exposure, water damage is a serious threat not only to the structure itself but also to the safety of the people inside the building — especially anyone working to clean up the water. 
  • Water damage restoration professionals like Midwest Comfort Homes have all of the necessary equipment and knowledge to safely clean and rebuild your property after any type of water damage. Even if you think it’s just a small leak, remember, you may only be seeing it for the first time. Chances are good it’s been actively creating a humid environment for mold to grow behind closed walls. 
  • In larger water damage scenarios, like after a building fire has been put out, water damage restoration professionals have the knowledge to know if a structure is safe to even enter. Water has the ability to destabilize any building’s structure. Only experienced professionals can make assessments about a building being structurally sound.
  • Professional restoration companies know how to work with your insurance on your claim.  They help correctly document the losses in order to provide the fullest amount of coverage for damages and receive a fair settlement from your insurance. A professional can help provide proof of damage if any disputes arise.

Getting help from a professional water damage restoration contractor will ensure that your property get’s safely back to normal ASAP. 

The Water Damage Restoration Process

The process of removing water from a building and restoring it back to its original condition requires a lot of moving parts. Here are the terms and processes you need to know in order to understand and navigate a quality water damage restoration project.

  • Disaster Mitigation

    Standing water needs to be dried out as soon as possible. A disaster mitigation company is available 24/7 to come dry out and remediate the damage. Disaster mitigation is the process of reducing or preventing damage caused by a disaster such as flooding or sewage backup. In Westwood, KS, Midwest Comfort Homes will clean out the damaged space, leaving a blank slate for the restoration process.

  • Insurance

    Once someone’s on the job to begin cleaning up water and airing out the building, contact your insurance carrier. They’ll work with the mitigation company to get your building or home dry, repaired, and restored.

  • Inspection

    At Midwest Comfort Homes, a certified technician will conduct a walk-through inspection, creating a 3D scan of the damage. Following the inspection, a detailed damage report is created and sent to your insurance carrier.

  • Restoration

    Once the water mitigation process is finished, the restoration project will begin. The process includes everything from rebuilding structures to restoring or replacing all of your finishes. This includes things like paint, hardwood floors, and carpet. When this process is complete, your building should feel just like it was before the water damage.

At Midwest Comfort Homes, we work with you to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible when a disaster happens. The truth is, we know what it is like to live through the restoration process. Co-owner Travis Thonen was just a child when a fire destroyed his home. Watching his mother be pressured by restoration companies left a mark. When Travis founded Midwest Comfort Homes, he vowed to be the company that cared. No pushing, no pressure. Just help when you need it. 

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